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Since its inception in 1972 PRAGMATECH SOUND, under the leadership of Jim Salta, President, has used its experience and know- how to provide modular sound reinforcement and lighting at a reasonable cost. These systems are provided under any conditions, anywhere, for any event - whether large or small, indoors or out.


The name itself, PRAGMATECH SOUND, reveals the philosophy that has been guiding the company for about three decades: to provide effective, pragmatic approaches to solving technical problems.


PRAGMATECH SOUND chooses specific systems, sub-systems and components to create the best results for each situation, whether it is a turn key installation or a live show. Our banner system utilizes MEYER SOUND LABS speakers and processors, powered by CROWN amplification.





PRAGMATECH's engineering staff is continually evaluating new technologies in order to provide its clients with the finest state - of - the - art sound and lighting systems.


PRAGMATECH offers the best in modification and repair of all brands of sound and lighting equipment. Pragmatech Sound also offers service contracts on this equipment.

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